LIFESTYLE : Vastu Brings Harmony

Are you looking forward to moving in a new house? And, the thoughts of vastu sustainability in your house always crawling in your minds. Does Vastu really effect? Yes, ofcourse it would!

Vastu is a science of architecture intended for the layout, proper measurements, spatial geometry, ground preparation, space management and other aspects of architecture. But most of the time we tend to be mistaking it with the myths and wrong concepts behind it. Indeed, Vastu is a logical explanation of scientific truths and facts. It simply rules the principles that the sources of energies should be open and flowing without being disturbed. These forces are balanced based upon sun’s path, the rotation of the Earth, magnetic field, etc. to get a duely lit, well-ventilated, spacious and properly designed house.

Prosperous East

East is the most treasured direction. Ever wondered why? Its because sun rises in East and the morning sun is greatly beneficial and purifying. So is facing the east so auspicious


Bed position In the bedrooms, vastu never supports the sleeping position with the head towards north. It is then suppose to bring medical consequences. Yes, it is so because the human body itself acts as a magnet with the head being the North Pole. Therby, while sleeping if the head is directed towards the north direction, the North Pole of the earth and that of the body tends to repel each other, affecting the blood circulation system, causing disturbed sleep, tension and other connected problems causing disturbed sleep, tension and other connected problems

Water Storing

The water storing tank of the building is preferred in the North-East direction. Here, at this direction the morning ultaviolet rays are most predominant. Thus, can kill the germs and keep the water clean and purifies for the consumption.

Living Room

The living room is best suited in the North and East direction because most of the sunlight enters through these directions. Since the living room well connects to each part of the house, it is best suited there.


The kitchen is preferred in the South-East corner or the North-West corner and greatly avoided in North-east, simply based on the wind directions. The hot winds in summers tends to blow from the South-west to the North-East direction, hence can carry the sparks from the burning stove.

Store Room

The store room is adviced in the west and north-west, keeping in mind its suitability for the stored things. These positions heat up the most during the noon time due to sun’s position in the south-east by then and reflection of infrared rays.. Since the store room is used less, therefore it is preferred here. Besides, it is suitable for storing the less used things as it would remain dry and moisture proof.

Powerful green

Green color is preferred in the south-eastern bedroom for the soothing effects. The color has inlaid property of healing and bringing prosperity. The shades of green bring a recreational energy and act as a remedy for clashes and disturbances in the house. The natural greenery brings freshness.

Thus, vastu is important as it ties a harmonious bond between the nature and the living. This harmonious living will undoubtedly offer a balanced and satisfactory experience of living in the form of well maintained, spaced, ventilated, proper and scientifically designed house to get most of the positive benefits of nature. So,if you planning to buy a house, question yourself, “Is the house Vastu rich”?