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Lately I have been swishing and reading through scores of resumes at least for almost an year now. Its interesting to note how the resumes speak more about the capabilities of the agency more than the individual.

JOB is income or JOB is passion or IT just IS? Each one of you has grown up listening to 'mera beta bahut bada kaam karega&' or &'meri beti bahut aage jayegi' but what do we mean by The BIG Dream or The Heights?

For years unknown education has been a rigorous regime we all go through in order to justify the childhood and learning and development.

But What is Education - the understanding of theories of universe written on paper or the capability to debate over the possibilities in universe. Education means eradication of problems - Education means empowerment Education means PROGRESS.

We believe in moving ahead and racing course with development but are we doing that or handing down a wicked legacy of numbers.

Employment or Eployment

Yes employment is the MOTIVE but with The Evolution of the most intelligent species, is that all we hope to achieve.. But what is Employment all about - a handed down CV with Good English and probably all that you know. SKILLS - What is your Passion? INTENT - What is your calling? Experience - Not Just the No. of Tasks and Assignments.

An urge to race ahead is leaving us tired more than grooming a better us. I love to see the Resumes that make me want to know the Individual more than Read His Resume.This is to each fresher aiming higher than the skies and looks up to the likes of GOOGLE.


Note: This is not just a quote but an intent and real life strategy to grow us not just self. Our Family Friends and Colleagues grow with us.

Author: Ficklesands